MAF Architect Office AB

Riksbankshuset, Luleå

The former State Bank building in Luleå

Project description

Building proprietor: Sveriges Riksbank / MAF Arkitektkontor AB

Mats Jakobsson, Architect 
Maj-Louise Österberg, Interior Designer

Peter Häggmark, Building Engineer, Project Leader
Christer Östensson, Building Engineer
K-G Mattson, Building Engineer
B-O Hermansson, Building Engineer - Trainee

Göran Hagbo, Project Leader during the more recent rebuilding phases of the property.
Kenneth Söderlund, Architect during the more recent rebuidling phases of the property.

One of Luleå's oldest and finest buildings. MAF has existed in this building since 1982. The building's interior has been updated during its varying phases. As of today, the State Bank no longer exists. Half of the building is occupied by the MAF office and the other half by seperat tenants. In 1990, MAF redesigned the interiors of it's office - creating an ultramodern environoment in this magestic older building.